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Hotel Rules and Regulations

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Dom Muzyka (Musician`s House) : Rules and Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that our guests have a calm and safe stay in Musician’s House.



1. Accommodation places in the Musician`s House, further called “rooms” are rented for periods called hotel days.

2. A hotel day starts at 3pm and finishes at midday of the following day.

3. If a room tenant, further referred to as “guest”,has not specified the period of time for which he intends to rent the room, it is assumed that the room has been rented for one hotel day.


1. Guests should report, at the reception, their intention to prolong their stay over the period specified on the day of their arrival, and they should do so by 10am of the day when the period of renting the room is supposed to end.                                                                                             

2. The Musician`s House shall agree to prolong the stay if this is possible due to room availability.


1. Guests are not allowed to make their rooms available to other persons, even if the period of renting a room for which the   payment was made has not passed.

2. Persons who are not registered in the Musician`s House may stay in a room between 7am to 10pm.

3. The Musician`s House may refuse to host a person who, during his previous stay, committed a major breach of the regulations, in particular by inflicting damage to the property of the Musician`s House or its guests; by causing personal harm to another guest, employee or other person on the premises of the Musician`s House; or by disturbing the peace and quiet of the other guests or functioning of the Musician`s House in any other manner.


1. Should guests have any reservations concerning the quality of our services, they are requested to report them at the reception as soon as possible, as this will enable our personnel to react without delay.

2. The Musician`s House is obliged to provide:

a. appropriate conditions for full and unimpeded rest of the guests,

b. guests` safety, including security with regard to the personal information concerning guests,

c. professional and polite service of all the services rendered by the Musician`s House,

d. cleaning the rooms and executing necessary repairs to the equipment at the guests` absence, and in their presence only when they agree to this being done,

e. technically efficient hotel services, and if some irreparable faults occur, the Musician`s House shall strive to compensate the guest for the inconvenience by, for instance, locating him in a different room – inasmuch as it is possible.


1. At the guests` request, the Musician`s House renders the following services:

a. providing information concerning their stay and their journey,

b. alarm calls at specified times,

c. luggage storing in the left luggage office on the day of arrival and departure; however, the Musician`s House  may refuse to accept an item of luggage on days other than the days of the guests stay in the hotel, or items which do not appear to be personal luggage.


1. The Musician`s House shall be held responsible for loss or damage of items  brought on its premises by persons using its services, in the scope set forth by the provisions of Article 846-852 of the Civil Code, unless the parties agreed otherwise.

2. The responsibility of the Musician`s House due to loss or damage to money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or

artistic value is limited, in accordance with  Article 849 §1 of the Civil Code, if these items are not deposited in the deposit boxes of the reception.

3. The Musician`s House may refuse to deposit items at the reception if these items pose a threat to general safety or if they are too large or too valuable by the standards of the Musician`s House, or if they take up too much space.

4. If the guest notices damage to an item he should report it to the reception without delay.


1. The Musician`s House shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of a guest`s car or any other vehicle parked on the car park in front of the Musician`s House.


1. The quiet hours in the Musician`s House are from 10pm to 7am of the following day.

2. Guests and persons using the services of the Musician`s House should comport without disturbing the peace and quiet of other persons.  The Musician`s House may refuse to continue rendering its services to a person who commits a breach of this rule.


1. Each time guests leave their rooms, they should check that they are locked and leave the key at reception.

2. Guests are financially responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment and technical appliances of the Musician`s House incurred by him or by his visitors.

3. For fire safety reasons you must not use cup boilers or any other similar devices not included in the room equipment.  This does not apply to the electric iron which you can borrow from Dom Muzyka [Musicians’ House]. Please, be most attentive when using the electric iron we have lent you.  It is your responsibility to switch the device off once you have finished the ironing, the responsibility is also yours, if you leave the iron unattended after switching it on.


Personal belongings left behind by a guest in the room shall be returned to him on the address he has specified. If no such disposition has been made, the Musician`s House shall keep these items for 3 months and subsequently dispose of them.


 Smoking is strictly prohibited in Dom Muzyka. Failure to comply with this prohibition results in a fine of 500 PLN.                                                                                                                                                          

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