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Actions taken by Dom Muzyka in reaction to the COVID – 19 pandemic


Actions taken by Dom Muzyka in reaction to the COVID – 19 pandemic

The Rules of Dom Muzyka


Ladies and Gentlemen,


In concern for your health and safety, we have implemented a number of measures aimed at eliminating the risk of potential infection with the COVID-19 virus.

We shall take all effort to see you satisfied with your stay with us and experiencing nothing else, but positive things.


Taking care of your health and safe stay, we have introduced the following protection measures:

  1. On the Dom Muzyka premises the hotel Guests can avail themselves to distributors with hand disinfectant.  Next to the fluid feeders you will find an instruction on how to disinfect your hands properly.
  2. The shared spaces such as: the lift, hotel lobby, or corridors, are regularly aired and disinfected every hour.
  3. All commonly touched surfaces such as the reception desk, handles, handrails, light switches are disinfected with appropriate agents every hour.
  4. The reception has been fitted with a special protective screen to enhance the safety of both Yourselves and our employees.
  5. The Dom Muzyka personnel is equipped with protective items – masks or shields and disposable gloves.
  6. The Dom Muzyka personnel is obliged to disinfect their hands and work stands regularly.
  7. The Guests can buy protective masks and disinfectants at the reception desk.
  8. The reception staff have a touch-free thermometer to take body temperature.
  9. Up-to-date information on the implemented protection measures is displayed on the TV screen at the main entrance.


  1. The receptionists employ protective measures, namely wear masks or shields, disposable gloves, and use disinfectants.
  2. All Guests entering Dom Muzyka are asked to disinfect their hands with an anti-bacterial agent.
  3. The Guest hosted by Dom Muzyka are obliged to employ personal protection, i.e. wear masks, whilst in public spaces.
  4. In the event a Guest demonstrates evident symptoms of illness such as persistent cough, feeling unwell, breathing difficulties, he/she shall not be checked in as the sanitary and epidemiological guidelines dictate.
  5. The Guests can take their body temperature with a touch-free thermometer.
  6. Because of the need to keep distance between individuals, only 2 persons at a time may stay in the hotel lobby.
  7. The Guest check-in and check-out procedure has been reduced to the absolute minimum.
  8. The Guests are requested to keep the required distance from others; the line painted on the floor in the reception area will assist you to do so.
  9. We suggest you take the lift alone or only together with the person checked in to stay in the same room.
  10. No-one who is not checked is allowed to be on the Dom Muzyka premises.  The ban extends to visits in shared spaces, e.g. the hotel lobby.
  11. Non-cash payments are preferred – pay and credit cards.
  12. Each time your room keys are left with the reception, they are disinfected.


  1. The cleaning personnel is equipped with the necessary protective items – masks or shields, disposable gloves, and disposable aprons, if needed.
  2. During your stay at Dom Muzyka, your room will be cleaned daily only on your explicit request and only at your absence.  The Guests are requested to leave the windows open before the planned room cleaning.
  3. Please, call the reception on the telephone (number: 600) to report the need to have the towels changed or hotel cosmetics replenished.
  4. Once a Guest has left, the room is thoroughly cleaned and all touchable surfaces disinfected with specialist disinfectants, including the room and bathroom fittings and fixtures.
  5. All hotel rooms and shared spaces are thoroughly aired.
  6. Your room shall be made available for rent again upon the lapse of minimum 24 hours following the moment you checked out.
  7. The bed sheets and towels are dry-cleaned at a specialist laundry in accordance with the binding sanitary guidelines.
  8. The laundry services for the Guests are suspended until the ban is lifted.
  9. Using the hotel blow dryers in private room bathrooms is forbidden.


  1. Should you develop symptoms of infection before you arrive at Dom Muzyka, please contact our reception and stay at home.  We are flexible and eager to accommodate you with changing your reservation date at no cost.
  2. Dom Muzyka has introduced a separate procedure to be followed, if COVID-19 viral infection is suspected in either the employees or the hotel Guests.
  3. There is a room on the premises, designated for temporary stay of anyone demonstrating symptoms of illness.  The room is fitted with the necessary personal protection equipment and disinfectants.



The above provisions are integrally incorporated in the hotel rules.


Should you have any questions or doubts about the introduced safety measures, please contact the reception directly at the extension telephone number: 600


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